Join us September 12 - 16, 2017 at the 7th National G2Z Summit & Workshops.

This event we will concentrate on the largest population of incoming animals to any pound and shelter in Australia – those that are lost and stray. Research shows that 86% of dog intake is through strays, with a 46% reclaim rate. Stray cats made up 81% of the total cat intake with a dismal less than 1% being reclaimed. This category of animals far outweighs those that are surrendered by owners and yet it is an area that has not been in the spotlight for discussion, research and development. It is imperative that we implement strategies targeting both stray and surrendered cats and dogs if we are to make any progress in this field.

The theme for this year’s conference is Getting Them Home, Keeping Them Home.





Attendance at this conference is essential for everyone involved in companion animal policy and practice -including those working in all levels of government, the not for profit welfare, shelter and rescue sector, the research, academic and veterinary professions and the pet industry.

A summit is a strategic conversation, convening the leaders of the sector, which brings different perspectives within a system together to talk about the big picture and big questions.How do lost pets behave? What are the barriers to lost pets returning to their original home? How can we keep people and their pets together? What capacity is needed to be built in the community to reduce intake at pounds and shelters of lost and surrendered pets? These, and many more questions relating to community welfare, animal welfare, and responsible pet ownership will be discussed at this event. Industry and sector leaders from Australia and overseas will lead sessions to explore innovative solutions to guide Australia’s approach to the management of companion animals now and into the future while providing insights on how the challenges are being met elsewhere.

Dates: Daylong Workshops will be held 12 and 16 September with the Summit itself running 13 - 15 September.

Venue: Mantra on View Hotel 

Accommodation is limited and can be booked by using this form and emailing it to or by calling 07 5579 1060 and using "Getting 2 Zero" as the discount code.

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We are pleased to announce that all of the Workshops and Summit sessions are eligible for AVA VetEd points.

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International Speakers

Dr. Aleisha Swartz - Outreach Veterinarian, University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program

In shelter response to panleukopaenia/parvovirus

Saving lives and targeting efforts through data

Feline Influenza outbreak in New York City

Cats and dogs in Hawaii: Challenges and creative solutions


Myles Chadwick - Vice President, Emancipet New School, Austin Texas

Shut up and serve: How I learned to stop judging and start serving

Making veterinary care affordable and accessible: How and why

Customer Service for Social Change


Brigid Wasson - President, Missing Pet Partnership

Lost and never found: The behaviors of pets and people that hinder owner reunion

Here, Kitty: Five steps shelters can take to increase cat reclaims

Lassie, Come home: Five steps shelters can take to increase dog reclaims

Workshop  (this Workshop will only run on Tuesday 12 September)

Katenna Jones - Principal, Jones Animal Behavior

Quick and dirty: Easy Bmod for shelters

Are your cats second class citizens?

Reduce your relinquishments! Tips for interventions, returns and adoption retention

Everyday Humane Education


James Pirnay - Head of Community Engagement, FOUR PAWS Companion Animal Programme

Companion animals in the 21st century

Barry Helem - Chair, New Zealand Companion Animal Council

Using technology to reunite lost pets with their families - a three-fold approach

A National strategy to manage cats in New Zealand

Megan Denize -Founder, Inspector Spot

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective – It’s Not Just Hollywood Fiction!


Dr Anne Fawcett - Keynote

Aaron Gilson and Troy Ellis - How far have we come at the AWL of SA?

Dr Alannah Jupe - Attitudes and opinions of veterinary teaching staff in Australia and New Zealand towards early-age gonadectomy

Amanda Melvaine - Results of a targeted subsidised desexing program to reduce euthanasia and increase reclaims at a rural pound

AWLQ - How we got there!

Dr Bronwyn Orr - Prepubertal desexing

Dr Diana Chua - Surrendered and stray dogs in Australia –estimation of numbers entering municipal pounds and shelters, and their outcomes

Diana Rayment - In-shelter behaviour assessments: If temperament tests are out, what do we do now?

Freedom Bousbury - Learning from Lena

Dr Jacquie Rand - Managing cats humanely and scientifically to reduce cats, wildlife predation and costs

Dr Jacquie Rand - Search methods used to locate missing cats and locations where missing cats are found

Dr Joanne Righetti - When the going gets tough...

John Bishop - The Matchmakers Project - Lightening the load for Australia's animal rescue community

Dr Kuan Yew Tan - Trap - neuter - return activities in urban stray cat colonies in Australia

Liam Clay - The use of behavioural assessments in shelter environments to recognise behavioural problems and adoption suitability of dogs

Luis Marquez - Thinking "outside" the cat trap!

Dr Mark Kelman - How to stop canine parvovirus from preventing us getting them home

Dr Megan Hemy - Characteristics and outcomes of dogs admitted into Queensland RSPCA shelters

Melanie Isaacs - Barriers to owner reclaims

Dr Michael O'Donoghue - What Australian vets are recommending for desexing cats and dogs

Roz Wollmering - Animal welfare volunteering - creature comfort or ruff awakening

Samantha McKernan - Maneki Neko Cat Rescue - Going out of business!

Dr Vanessa Barrs - Halting parvovirus in Australian cats

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In order to make the most of our international speakers expertise while they are with us in Australia we will be delivering daylong Workshops as listed below. Workshop registrations are seperate and additional ($150) to the Summit registrations.

Shelter Animal Behaviour Workshop with Katenna Jones (Principal, Jones Animal Behavior)

Surrender to Adoption: The role of Behaviour

When it comes to any species, behavior cannot be underestimated. From humans to hummingbirds, from beetles to blowfish - behavior can tell us a great deal of information about likes and dislikes, desires and needs, emotional and physical feelings, illness, and more. In the sheltering world, behavior is equivalent to veterinary care in value and necessity. We would not dream of withholding proper nutrition, basic medical care, and relief from physical discomfort. Likewise, we are obligated to provide proper physical and mental nourishment, on-going behavioral care, and relief from emotional distress. In this day-long session, we will discuss the role of behavior throughout an animal's journey through your system, including effective in-take interviews, behavior assessments, on-going behavioral care, adoption screening and matches, as well as adoption retention.

Workshop will be conducted at Animal Welfare League of Queensland's Coombabah Rehoming Centre.

Shelter Medicine Workshop with Dr Aleisha Swartz (Outreach Veterinarian, University of Wisconsin SHelter Medicine Program)

Setting yourself (and them) up for success- Foundational practices that lead to positive outcomes in pounds and shelters

Everything from the decisions regarding which animals come in to the shelter, how they arrive and what happens those first moments impacts your ability to provide them with a positive outcome. This workshop will cover best practices for providing care for animals in shelters to include intake practices, pathway planning, and essential protocols in addition to updates in medical treatments for common conditions. Defining capacity for care and reducing length of stay are cornerstone concepts that will be discussed. Successful examples of reducing shelter intake such as high volume, high quality spay/neuter clinic models, community outreach and surrender interventions will also be shared.  

Workshop will be conducted at conference venue, Mantra on View.

Social Change Workshop with MYLES Chadwick (vice president, Emancipet new school)

Responsible Pet Ownership in Action: Transforming Communities Through Social Change

We all dream of a future in which animal homelessness and suffering are rare, and where all pets are healthy, happy, and cared for by their families. When most of our time is spent focused on helping animals who are already homeless or suffering, it can feel like nothing is ever going to change for the better. But what if change – big change – really is possible?  What if we could change the world for animals and build a more humane future? We believe that change has to start with us. It requires a new set of strategies and a new approach to working with pet owners, all rooted in the science of “social change.”

Social change work is designed to permanently transform the behavior of whole groups of people in significant ways. If we design our programs and services as social change initiatives, we can permanently and effectively transform the behavior of pet owners in our communities in ways that benefit animals. In this interactive workshop, we’ll learn what social change is, how to build social change programs, and how to have conversations with people that actually change their hearts, minds, and behavior. We’ll also cover how animal welfare organizations and government animal management departments can develop new initiatives that keep pets at home with their people, and out of the shelter system, and how to fundraise for these new kinds of initiatives.

Workshop will be conducted at conference venue, Mantra on View.

Animal Management Workshop with brigid wasson (President, Missing Pet Partnership)

Tear Down the Walls: Identifying and Removing Barriers to Owner Reunion

Every year in the Unites States, approximately 5.7 million missing pets end up in pounds and shelters. 5.1 million will never see their owners again. Is it because owners are irresponsible and uncaring? With a national average dog reclaim rate of just 20% and cat reclaim rate of 2% (and Australian studies showing a 46% average reclaim rate for dogs and 1% average reclaim for cats), progressive animal management and shelter leaders are asking themselves, “What are we doing that isn’t working, and how can we improve?”

In this workshop, we will discuss the top five barriers to owner reclaim and how they can be addressed. We will also discuss creating, training, and managing a volunteer lost pet prevention and recovery (LPPR) team. The primary audience for this workshop is management and staff of animal management departments; however, nonprofit shelters, rescue groups, and other community partners also play important roles in getting – and keeping – stray pets back in their loving homes. Animal management agencies making these positive changes are seeing their reclaim rates double and triple and their intake and euthanasia rates lowered significantly. Attendees will be shown steps they can take right away as well as more involved improvements they can plan for in the future.

Workshop will be conducted at conference venue, Mantra on View.


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