12 - 16 September 2017


A big thank you to all of our presenters, sponsors, exhibitors and of course all of those delegates that attended G2Z2017.

Running over five days the event grew yet again and we welcomed those from the government, not for profit welfare, shelter and rescue sectors, research, academic and veterinary professions and the pet industry. We covered topics ranging from disease control and prevention, to reuniting lost pets, to reducing intake and keeping people and their pets together before they need the services of a shelter or pound facility.


You can view the speaker papers, associated resources and footage of the presentations themselves by clicking on the links below.

 International Speakers

Dr. Aleisha Swartz - Outreach Veterinarian, University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program

In shelter response to panleukopaenia/parvovirus - Presentation

Saving lives and targeting efforts through data - Presentation

Feline Influenza outbreak in New York City - Presentation

Cats and dogs in Hawaii: Challenges and creative solutions - Presentation

Myles Chadwick - Vice President, Emancipet New School, Austin Texas

Shut up and serve: How I learned to stop judging and start serving - Presentation

Making veterinary care affordable and accessible: How and why - Presentation

Customer Service for Social Change - Presentation

Brigid Wasson - President, Missing Pet Partnership

Lost and never found: The behaviors of pets and people that hinder owner reunion - Presentation

Here, Kitty: Five steps shelters can take to increase cat reclaims - Presentation

Lassie, Come home: Five steps shelters can take to increase dog reclaims - Presentation

Katenna Jones - Principal, Jones Animal Behavior

Quick and dirty: Easy Bmod for shelters - Presentation

Are your cats second class citizens? - Presentation

Reduce your relinquishments! Tips for interventions, returns and adoption retention - Presentation

Everyday Humane Education - Presentation

James Pirnay - Head of Community Engagement, FOUR PAWS Companion Animal Programme

Companion animals in the 21st century - Presentation

Barry Helem - Chair, New Zealand Companion Animal Council

Using technology to reunite lost pets with their families - a three-fold approach - Presentation

A National strategy to manage cats in New Zealand - Presentation

Megan Denize -Founder, Inspector Spot

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective – It’s Not Just Hollywood Fiction! - Presentation


Dr Anne Fawcett - Keynote - Presentation

Aaron Gilson and Troy Ellis - How far have we come at the AWL of SA? - Presentation

Dr Alannah Jupe - Attitudes and opinions of veterinary teaching staff in Australia and New Zealand towards early-age gonadectomy - Presentation

Amanda Melvaine - Results of a targeted subsidised desexing program to reduce euthanasia and increase reclaims at a rural pound - Presentation

AWLQ - How we got there! - Presentation

Dr Bronwyn Orr - Prepubertal desexing - Presentation

Dr Diana Chua - Surrendered and stray dogs in Australia –estimation of numbers entering municipal pounds and shelters, and their outcomes - Presentation

Diana Rayment - In-shelter behaviour assessments: If temperament tests are out, what do we do now? - Presentation

Freedom Bousbury - Learning from Lena - Presentation

Dr Jacquie Rand - Managing cats humanely and scientifically to reduce cats, wildlife predation and costs - Presentation

Dr Jacquie Rand - Search methods used to locate missing cats and locations where missing cats are found - Presentation

Dr Joanne Righetti - When the going gets tough...- Presentation

John Bishop - The Matchmakers Project - Lightening the load for Australia's animal rescue community - Presentation

Dr Kuan Yew Tan - Trap - neuter - return activities in urban stray cat colonies in Australia - Presentation

Liam Clay - The use of behavioural assessments in shelter environments to recognise behavioural problems and adoption suitability of dogs - Presentation

Luis Marquez - Thinking "outside" the cat trap! - Presentation

Dr Mark Kelman - How to stop canine parvovirus from preventing us getting them home - Presentation

Dr Megan Hemy - Characteristics and outcomes of dogs admitted into Queensland RSPCA shelters - Presentation

Melanie Isaacs - Barriers to owner reclaims - Presentation

Dr Michael O'Donoghue - What Australian vets are recommending for desexing cats and dogs - Presentation

Roz Wollmering - Animal welfare volunteering - creature comfort or ruff awakening - Presentation

Samantha McKernan - Maneki Neko Cat Rescue - Going out of business! - Presentation

Dr Vanessa Barrs - Halting parvovirus in Australian cats - Presentation


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