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Updated May 2011

Greens Bill to introduce a breeder permit system for cat and dog breeders to meet standards of animal welfare, trace dogs and cats back to the breeders, desex cats and dogs prior to sale or transfer was recently defeated. 

Current legislation relevant to G2Z

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No desexing prior to sale or transfer, but desexing required by 3 months of age for cats; 6 months of age for dogs, unless you have a permit to keep an undesexed cat or dog

Compulsory Microchipping prior to sale or transfer

Legislation which sets standards for care of animals in pounds and shelters. 

Breeder Permit System with Compulsory Breeder Code of Practice

Pet Shop Permit System with compulsory Standards in a Pet Shop Code of Practice - ACT has voluntary minimum standards for the sale of dogs from pet shops, markets, breeders, shelters, pounds

State-wide pound and shelter data reporting 

Desexing of cat colonies

Working towards National Consistency