Animal Welfare Shelter management, staff or volunteer

How Animal Welfare Shelter Staff and Volunteers can help achieve G2Z in their community.

  • Read the Getting to Zero Model
  • Complete the G2Z Checklist to determine which elements are being used and which need to be introduced
  • Read and agree to the G2Z Participant Code of Ethics
  • Participate in workshops, tours and Summits. We can all learn from each other
  • Develop a local stakeholder coalition to help develop cooperative G2Z strategies
  • Introduce new infrastructure, policies and procedures to align with the G2Z model
  • Work with relevant state and local government departments to develop legislation for responsible breeding to prevent unwanted animals and responsible animal management to increase rehoming rather than killing cats and dogs in your community
  • Develop community support by putting your city/shire on the G2Z map and share your progress towards zero through legislation, infrastructure, policy and strategies.

You can also ask questions and receive answers from other G2Z communities. Complete the Becoming a G2Z Community Form and send to