Desexing Programs

National Desexing Network (NDN)

There are a range of low cost desexing programs being offered by Councils, shelters and vet clinics around Australia. The National Desexing Network  exists for anyone looking for low cost desexing in Australia to help locate the nearest program on offer. People who have access to a computer can search themselves on the NDN site, or they can phone an NDN officer for assistance. 

 Approximately 160 vet clinics and a range of Council, animal welfare subsidised desexing programs are currently listed. 

 Veterinary discounts are offered to pension or concession card holders. However some animal welfare groups consider anyone who is having financial difficulties.

 Councils, animal welfare groups and vets who offer a discount desexing program are encouraged to list their program on the NDN site, to encourage desexing and provide support for people in need around Australia. To list your program email

Last Litter Program

A Last Litter Program involves free desexing of the mother cat when an unwanted litter of kittens is surrendered to a pound, shelter or rescue group.This program can be funded by Councils and/or animal welfare groups, with community donations,  to prevent stray and surrendered cats and dogs. 

The vet clinic appointment for the desexing of the mother cat needs to be made when the kittens are surrendered. Usually the mother cat will need to be kept indoors by the owner for another 10 days until the mother cats’ milk dries. Reminder calls may be needed.

Volunteers can assist with collecting the kittens, and follow up to collect the mother cat if needed. Often the person with an unwanted litter may not have good planning skills, may not have a carrier for the cat, or may not have a car or petrol to bring the cat and kittens in.

National Desexing Month

National Desexing Month is held in July or August each year.

Vets, Councils and Animal Welfare Groups are invited to participate by listing a special offer to encourage desexing for that month. Letter are sent out to encourage participation and free posters are provided.  This program requires sponsorship to pay for posters and postage.  If interested in participating or sponsoring this, please email .

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