Getting 2 Zero Directory

There are many pounds, shelters, rescue groups, breeder organisations, vet clinics, pet shops, wildlife groups who are applying elements of G2Z and have demonstrated commitment to achieving zero killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs in their communities.

Many of these organisations have been working persistently over many years to achieve this goal. Some have shared their achievements and successful strategies at the National Summits, an opportunity which only occurs every 2 years. Others are just beginning to work on G2Z strategies with their communities.

This directory provides an ongoing opportunity for organisations, who are committed to Getting 2 Zero, to share their progress toward zero, the strategies that are working, and to let their communities know how they can help. All organisations listed in the directory must read and agree to the G2Z Participant Code of Ethics.

To share your organisation's contribution to Getting to Zero in this directory, please click on the "Get Listed" button at the top of this page on the right hand side or contact us at If you know of an organisation that is working on the G2Z elements who is not part of this map, please encourage them to do so or email so that we may contact them.

Once this network is established, community members and organisations will be able to locate like-minded organisations and find out how to positively support them. By building ongoing positive networks of organisations who are working towards the G2Z goal in each community around Australia, and inspiring each other, it is hoped that all cats and dogs will achieve a better life as soon as possible.

Note: As this directory is only new, the number of organisations on this site will take time to build. We look forward to your participation.

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