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Who you are and what you do

I founded Safe Pets Safe Families in 2013 (became a registered charity in 2016) after I experienced domestic violence and my dogs ended up at the pound and euthanised. Safe Pets Safe Families helps keep people and pets together in crisis, reducing surrender and euthanasia rates and promoting responsible pet owners. We are a volunteer run charity. Our programs and outreach services include but not limited to Crisis foster care & emergency boarding assistance Paws & Pals homeless support (pop up vet clinic & GP for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of) Vet Care assistance & education (including a youth program) Provided emergency food & essential items Housing help (support letters, resumes, real estate networks & more Educate, Enable and Support human shelters and Community housing providers to become pet friendly. (Our clients are referred to us from DV services, homeless services, mental health workers, hospital staff, corrections, police and RSPCA & AWL and other orgs)

G2Z Elements & Strategies

1 & 2. Community Vet clinic & shelter clinic ( volunteer vets at pop up vet clinic and partnerships with vet clinics) offering free or discount services 3 & 4. whole community change - our model is an early intervention and prevention and education, we have a large foster and volunteer network that's works on keeping people and pets together, reducing surrenders and euthanasia. We have a lot of professionals in this area to help create change. We have however needed to rehome some animals.

Recent achievements in Getting 2 Zero

We have a unique successful model and the first of its kind in Australia. Every client we take in is reducing a surrender and or euthanasia. Inspiring rescues organisations to start similar services to us.

Support needed

Funding, Volunteers and Fosters

Adoption, reclaim, foster and euthanasia statistics for last two full financial or calendar years

2017 84 cat intakes 76 reclaimed 8 rehomed 92 dog intakes 72 reclaimed 20 rehomed 2018 117 cat intakes 96 reclaimed 21 rehomed 116 dog intakes 96 reclaims 20 rehomed

Christies Beach, SA 5127
Jennifer Howard
Phone 0435805867
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