Saving Animals From Euthanasia Inc. (S.A.F.E)

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Who we are and what we do:

Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE) was founded in the Pilbara in Western Australia by Sue Hedley in February 2003. Since then SAFE has developed 11 branches and networks across the state - and we intend to extend SAFE’s services wherever there is need.

SAFE’s dedicated work has had a positive impact on people, pets and wildlife. SAFE’s innovative foster care program provides temporary care for animals until a permanent home is found. This means there are no cages or time lines on an animal’s life. 

Our Mission

To ensure that no companion animal succumbs to euthanasia purely through lack of somewhere to stay and that optimum quality of life is achieved for all companion animals.

G2Z Elements & Strategies:

Rehoming Centre; Substantial fostering program, large network of volunteers, focus on increasing rehoming rates each year, an easily accessible location, open when public are available – late in afternoon, weekends, public holidays, positive communication, promotion and marketing of animals, pre-adoption interviews to find the best match, post adoption support, involve the community in the zero euthanasia goal, involve community networks to help rehome animals, data gathering to assess rehoming progress.

Recent Achievements in Getting to Zero:

Our recent affiliation with AWLA means we will have a national platform for our ‘no cage foster care’ program. If we are looking at our statistics over the last two financial years as listed below, we can see that this number is consistent and slowly rising. With eleven branches across WA and still growing (SAFE is hoping to expand to a national organisation in the future), we are ensuring that no rehome-able animal should be a victim of euthanasia.

SAFE is striving towards a “Franchise” based model for expansion state-wide and then eventually a national network of foster care based organisation. We have just recently applied for a Lottery west grant to ensure the longevity and growth of SAFE as an organisation will be more secure.

Support Needed:

More foster carers, more consistent volunteers, funding for paid employees

Adoption, reclaim, foster and euthanasia statistics for last two full financial or calendar years:

Across WA in the 13/14 financial year there were 3116 animals rescued, 2583 were adopted and 2539 sterilised.

fy 12/13 across WA - there were 3121 animals rescued, 2633 were adopted and 2356 sterilised



Number of cats rescued in this period


Number of dogs rescued in this period


Number of cats adopted from organisation


Number of dogs adopted from organisation


Number of cats sterilisations


Number of dog sterilisations


Karratha, WA 6714
Sue Hedley
Phone 08 9185 4634
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Saving Animals From Euthanasia Inc. (S.A.F.E)
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