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Who you are and what you do  

The UKRN is a community based organisation training interested members of the public in how to hand raise kittens under four weeks of age. We then rescue kittens that are dumped without their mother or orphaned, raise them, then desex, vaccinate microchip, worm and flea treat the kittens before finding carefully chosen homes. All kitten come with full notes on their history and medical history, and cat care notes. We also engage in public education through stalls at shopping centres, and use of the media.

G2Z Elements & Strategies        

  • Foster care program
  • Rescue of kittens normally euthanased by other agencies
  • Public education with regards to desexing and general animal care through stalls at shopping centres, web sites and media.
  • Zero euthanasia unless the kitten is severely injured or sick.
  • Desexing of all foster kittens before they are rehomed.
  • Increasing numbers of animals rehomed to carefully chosen homes where they will be indoors only.
  • Working with other shelters, vets and rescue organisations to take unweaned kittens they can't raise.

 Recent Achievements in Getting to Zero             

  • Community based foster program means kittens normally euthanased by other agencies are given a chance.
  • No kitten is euthanased unless they are severely injured or sick. This includes premature kittens and those with a disability unless the animal is suffering or has no quality of life.

 Support Needed             

  • Foster carers
  • Responsible homes for our kittens and cats
  • Financial donations
  • Help with transport to and from fund raising stalls, vet appointments, and picking up/ dropping off kittens to carers.

Adoption, reclaim, foster and euthanasia statistics for last two full financial or calendar years

June 2011- June 2012:

Fostered- 65 kittens ranging in age from newborn to 3 weeks old. None reclaimed, none euthanased, 8 noted as died though records not as reliable here due to carers not notifying administration. All except three rehomed, those three still up for adoption.

June 2012- June 2013:

Fostered- 56 kittens, ranging in age from premature newborns to 3 1/2 weeks old. None reclaimed, none euthanased, 13 noted as died. All rehomed except 16 still up for adoption/ not ready to go yet.


Brisbane, QLD 4000
Julie O'Connor
Phone 07 3388 8533
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