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Cat Haven is Western Australia’s premier cat welfare organisation and the state’s only open admission shelter. Every year, Cat Haven takes in between up to 8,000 animals, finding new homes for thousands. Cat Haven runs one of WA’s most comprehensive foster care programs as well as a vet clinic that is also accessible to the public. Cat Haven provides highly discounted sterilisation and microchipping services.

Cat Haven is a not-for-profit charity that receives very little government funding. As such, it is entirely reliant on the generosity of the public and the business community for donations.

G2Z Elements & Strategies:

1.  Community Vet Clinic – all strategies in place.

2.  Shelter Vet Clinic - all strategies except for TNR program are in place.

3.  Rehoming Centre - all strategies in place

 - Care of Pound and Shelter animals:

a.       Capacity has extended in 2013 to increase cat holding capacity to 340 cats

c.       Foster care program was extended from 380 carers to 500 .

e.      Facility improvements scheduled for 2015 eg Solar Power installation

- Finding Responsible Homes:

Now nine metropolitan pet shops acting as external adoption centres.

4.            Community Education, Legislation & Support

a .      Whole Community Involvement – all strategies in place.

b .      Legislation – all strategies in place; New Cat Act commenced 1 Nov 2013.

c .      Working closely with Local Government and operating as a Cat Management Facility for 12 local councils.     

Recent achievements in Getting to Zero:

Cat Haven reached its lowest euthanasia rate ever achieved at 24% in 2014.

Rehoming rate increased to a new high of 74%.

Treating Ringworm cats.

Rehoming FIV cats

Expansion of Foster Carers Program

Support needed:
1. Donations towards the modernising of the shelter. 
2. Members of the community adopt from Cat Haven and its external adoption centres instead of buying from regular pet shops. 
3. More foster carers
4. Community engagement with local governments to advocate for animal welfare and rehoming programs in council pounds now that the new WA cat legislation is in effect from 1st November 2013.
5. Changes to property rental laws/strata laws to make it easier for people to own companion animals in strata properties in WA. 

Adoption, reclaim, foster and euthenasia statistics for the last two full financial or calendar years:


Intakes: 6379

Adoptions: 4042

Fostered: 2438

Reclaimed: 104

Euthanased: 1498


Intakes: 6843

Adoptions: 3209

Fostered: 2021

Reclaimed: 82

Euthanased: 2854

2012 until October

Intakes: 6488
Adoptions: 3488 (including 387 transferred to external adoption centres)
Fostered: 1882
Reclaimed: 87
Euthenased: 2678

Intakes: 8111
Adoptions: 3129 (including 208 transferred to external adoption centres)
Fostered: 1723
Reclaimed: 144
Euthenased: 4542

Intakes: 7704
Adoptions: 3188 (including 185 transferred to external adoption centres)
Fostered: 1629
Reclaimed: 112
Euthenased: 3892





23 Lemnos Street
Shenton Park, WA 6008
Roz Robinson
Phone 08 9442 3677 or 08 9442 3600
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Cat Haven
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