4th National G2Z Summit 2011

The 4th National G2Z Summit was held at the QT Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland 7-9 September 2011.

Workshops covering Shelter Medicine (Drs Kate Hurley and Danae Wagner) and Animal Management (Mitch Schneider) were also held on the 6th and 10th September which made for an action packed week of information sharing.

You can access the speaker papers below and the video footage can be viewed on the G2Z YouTube channel

SPEAKER papers AND presentations

Click on the links below to view the papers or presentations given by the speakers at the Summit.

Richard Avanzino - Getting to No Kill in the USA by 2015

Joy Verrinder - Getting 2 Zero in Australia: A community change model

Robyn Kippenberger - Saving Lives: Towards a No Kill New Zealand

Dr Jeff Young - The controversy is over: Early Age Desexing is the surgery of choice

Veronica Cech & Dr Shan Lloyd - Attitudes towards breeding and desexing of pets in two rural Australian communities

Dr Jeff Young - Desexing clinic models

Nerida Atkin - Desexing models in Australia & NZ

Olga Parkes - Desexing models in Australia & NZ

Sylvana Wenderhold - Desexing models in Australia & NZ: NDN

Kevin Bradley - RSPCA Queensland's PAWS

Mitch Schneider - Getting 2 Zero through proactive animal management programs

Rob Van Hese - Preventing impoundments and improving save rates

Brooke Littman - Local Government initiatives

Julia Hardaker - Expanding community support for effective cat and dog programs in the Northern Territory

Corinne Alberthsen & Dr Jacqui Rand - What can 191,000 cats tell us about saving lives?

Dr Kate Hurley - Latest research on combating feline respiratory disease in pounds and shelters

Kate Mornement - Behavioural assessment research

Dr Jacqui Rand & Sarah Zito - University and shelter partnerships

Dr Theresia Andersen - Minimising stress and anxiety during euthanasia

Tamara Jackman - Improving the lives and adoption rates of dogs in pounds and shelters

Dr Kate Hurley & Dr Denae Wagner - Guidelines for standards of care in shelters and pounds

Richard Avanzino - Building collaborative effort and the importance of reporting

Michael Linke - Change for the better  & Removing obstacles

Sue Hedley - Saving lives: challenging the norm through fostering

Cathy Craw & Geoff Clarke - Getting 2 Zero with a shelter foster program

Meaghan Adams & Saskia Adams - Fundraising in the 21st century

Roz Robinson - Updates on WA Cat Bill

Michael Linke - Follow up on the Greens Bill in ACT

Geoff Irwin & Joy Verrinder - Queensland Government Breeder Permit pilot system

Christine Yurovich - Addressing abandonment of cats and dogs in rental and sold properties

Vaughan MacDonald - Updates on NSW legislation

Jade Norris - Legislation to prohibit puppy farming

Joy Verrinder - Addressing legislation concerns

Lisa White - Coordinating action for Greyhounds in Australia