Progressing G2Z Australia wide

Many Councils and animal welfare organisations have also been working on similar strategies to prevent abandoned animals, increase rehoming and reduce the killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs. These organisations are also achieving great success. You can learn more about these organisations here.

Many state and local government, pound, shelter, rescue group, vet and pet industry representatives have been attending the National G2Z Summits to share successful strategies and learn more from international and national speakers who are also committed to Getting 2 Zero.

From these Summits, a G2Z Steering Committee has been formed to help progress G2Z in each state. The Steering Committee consists of a representative from organisations in each state with a demonstrated involvement in G2Z principles and strategies.

G2Z belongs to every organization (government and non-government) who shares a common philosophy that we can get to zero killing of healthy and treatable stray and surrendered cats and dogs (at least 90% saved in each community) by working on successful strategies, sharing our progress and supporting and inspiring each other to keep on track!

All pounds, shelters, rescue groups, breeders, pet shops and pet industry organisations, veterinarians, university vet schools and community members are invited to be part of this G2Z program.