Queensland Legislation

Latest developments

September 2011 

The Queensland Government is working on developing legislation to track animals back to the breeders and a Code of Practice for Breeders with Standards and Guidelines. 

The 4 Pilot Projects being trialed by Councils and funded by Queensland Government are still to be addressed by State Govt. 

The Pilot Breeder Permit system being trialed on the Gold Coast took two years to develop, requiring extensive consultation with stakeholders and legislation to be passed. 

Implementation is in its early stages. 

Current legislation relevant to G2Z

Quick Check

Desexing of cats prior to sale or transfer (in one city as a pilot program for Qld Govt)

Compulsory Microchipping prior to sale or transfer (state-wide)  

Legislation which supports responsible rehoming

Breeder Permit System with Compulsory Breeder Code of Practice (in one city as a pilot)

Pet Shop Permit System with compulsory Pet Shop Code of Practice (a voluntary State Code was developed in 2008)

State-wide pound and shelter data reporting

Desexing of cat colonies

Working towards National Consistency