Rescue group management or foster carer

How Rescue Groups and Foster Carers can help achieve G2Z in their community

Rescue groups and foster carers help provide one of the 4 components of G2Z i.e. safe temporary housing and proactive rehoming of desexed and identified animals.

Read the G2Z Model and Resources.

Read and agree to the G2Z Participant Code of Ethics.

Contact your local pound or shelter and ask to meet with to advise them about what you do and how you can help them and the animals in their care. Encourage them to be part of G2Z and work cooperatively with you to progress the 4 G2Z elements. Identify how G2Z will help them achieve their goals. See how G2Z will help you.

Encourage attendance at Summits, workshops and tours of G2Z pounds and shelters.

Where animal management officers and animal welfare shelter staff are unwilling to work together to increase rehoming and reduce killing, seek the support of members of parliament, councillors,  board members of shelter organisations and the local community to effect change in these organisations.