Research papers and articles of interest

Below you will find links to research papers and articles of interest.


How targeted, high-intensity, free cat desexing programs are reducing biosecurity risks in urban areas of Australia

Outcomes associated with a Community Cat Program based on high intensity sterilisation of owned and semi-owned cats in target areas

The Evolving Role of Triage and Appointment-Based Admission to Improve Service, Care and Outcomes in Animal Shelters

The impact of excluding food guarding from a standardized Behavioral Canine Assessment in animal shelters

A case study in Citizen Science: The effectiveness of a Trap-Neuter-Return program in a
Chicago neighborhood 

Using free adoptions to reduce crowding and euthanasia at cat shelters: An Australian case study

Factors that influence intake to one municipal animal control facility in Florida: A qualitative study

An observational study of the relationship between Capacity for Care as an animal shelter management model and cat health adoption and death in three animal shelters

Cat admissions to RSPCA shelters in Queensland, Australia: description of cats and risk factors for euthanasia after entry

Community partnering as a tool for improving live release rate in animal shelters in the United States

Effect of interactions with humans on behaviour, mucosal immunity and upper respiratory disease of shelter cats rated as contented on arrival

No Better Than Flipping a Coin: Reconsidering Canine Behavior Evaluations in Animal Shelters

Evaluation of the predictive validity of the behavioural assessment for re-homing K9’s (B.A.R.K.) protocol and owner satisfaction with adopted dogs

Applied personality assessment in domestic dogs: Limitations and caveats

Adoption and relinquishment interventions at the animal shelter: a review

Effects of a geographically targeted intervention and creative outreach to reduce shelter intake in Portland, Oregon

Messaging Spay/Neuter - Lessons from the Gulf Coast Spay/Neuter Campaign