Resources for staff, management and volunteers of Council and not-for-profit shelters


Lost cats and dogs behave differently when lost based on a variety of factors including personality.

G2Z has developed a number of brochures to help Council and not-for-profit shelters reunite lost pets with their owners.

These resources are freely available for use by organisations to:

  • print off and provide as a resource in pound and shelter offices to assist people when they are looking for their lost cat or dog or to be prepared in case it happens

  • provide on your website for members of the public to be prepared in case their pet goes missing

  • educate staff about how to help people who have lost or found a pet

1. Lost Your Cat? brochure

2. Lost Your Dog? brochure

3. Found a Cat? brochure

4. Found a Dog? brochure 

5. Customisable social media post generator

If you have lost or found a pet, use our editable lost/found social media post template to get the details out to your community instantly. 

6. Customisable Found pet poster generator. There are two versions of this for you to choose from. Both are editable and allow you to add your organisations branding to the final product.

a. This version is to preprint multiple copies with Council logo and contact number, and when out collecting stray cats or dogs, hand-write the location and description of the stray cat or dog  to display locally where the pet was found. Click here

b. For this version, enter the location and animal description of each stray impounded cat/dog and print off multiple copies at the Council office before returning to the locations where the animals were found to display and distribute fliers OR preferably print in the Council vehicle to distribute immediately where the pet was found to fast-track reclaim. Images of the pet can be added to this version as well. Click here

7. G2Z Guide to increasing Returns to Owners (Reclaims) for shelters and pounds

8. G2Z Guide to increasing Returns to Owners (Reclaims) poster checklist

9. Human Animal Support Services Lost Pet Reunification Resources