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Who we are and what we do: Pets4Life is a free community resource for pet owners and those who are thinking of getting a cat or dog. Pets4Life is all about helping you to make good choices about pet ownership. The goal of Pets4Life is to reduce the surrender of unwanted cats and dogs in Australia. It is an independent organisation that supports shelters and rescue groups.

G2Z Elements & Strategies: Community education is the core strategy for Pets4Life.


Recent Achievements in Getting to Zero: Launch of Pets4Life in December 2013. The campaign message was "Thinking of getting a pet for Christmas? Stop before you shop.Visit There was a radio interview with Brisbane 4BC, a story in the North Shore Times and a blog published on Mamamia website & social media. It is early days but small changes are happening such as followers of Pets4Life have adopted animals rather than buying from a breeder or via the internet.


Support Needed: Awareness of Pets4Life - As Pets4Life was only recently launched, your support would be greatly appreciated to help create awareness of this resource. Please promote Pets4Life to your community and followers.

Sydney, NSW 2000
Cathy Beer
Phone 0419 296 656
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Added: 30 July 2014 11:35am
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