G2Z Participant Code of Ethics


G2Z exists to advocate for the reduction of abandonment and killing/euthanasia of companion animals around Australia. This is achieved by supporting the organisations on the front line as well as working with those that influence policy at the various levels of government.  G2Z supports responsible and ethical rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of companion animals and has been developed primarily to deal with cats and dogs, although other companion animal species are not excluded or valued any less.

Listing of participating organisations on the G2Z website is only available to groups and organisations that agree to abide by our Code of Ethics. Any breach of our Code of Ethics or unprofessional conduct will result in immediate removal from the website and all other G2Z materials.

As a G2Z participating local government department, organisation or individual we understand and agree to:

●        Be committed to reducing killing/euthanasia of abandoned companion animals

Participants must be committed to reducing killing/euthanasia of companion animals and to the implementation of strategies that work towards the G2Z goal.

●        Promote desexing

 Participants must agree to advocate for desexing of companion animals and ensure that any cats and dogs they rehome are desexed.

●        Increase the rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned companion animals

Participants must provide for the welfare of the animals in their care and work to maximise rehoming opportunities.  Any fees charged for rehoming must fund ongoing work to save lives.

●        Educate and support the community

Provide education and support programs to the community in order to reduce surrenders, increase claim rates, increase adoption rates, reduce euthanasia rates and increase understanding of the relevant issues in the community.

●        Advocate for, and comply with, laws and regulations which support a reduction in unwanted animals and improvements in their care and rehoming

Contribute to the advancement of federal, state, and local companion animal and/or wildlife regulations, laws, rules, ordinances, statutes, and codes, which support G2Z goals, comply with these requirements, and possess the required permits or licence(s) (if applicable).

●        G2Z does not guarantee any information posted by your group.

It is your group’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided to us for the G2Z website and other promotional materials is true and correct.

●        Keep all of the information posted on the G2Z website as up to date as possible.

It is understood by G2Z that things change quickly and will (hopefully!) always be moving forward in your organisation's operations. The G2Z Coordinator must be advised of any relevant changes as soon as possible in order that the information listed on the G2Z website and other promotional mediums is a fair and reasonable representation of your group's work and results.

●        G2Z may ask for verification of information and has the right to change information on the G2Z website at their discretion

G2Z has the right to remove, edit, or alter any information posted on the website at their discretion. All information, including photos, contact information and statistics posted to the website may be used in promotions and for marketing purposes.

●        Commit to promoting compassion and respect, for the animals in your community and for each other.

Participants must communicate with, and about, animals and other groups respectfully and constructively. If there is a concern about the activities of G2Z, or a G2Z participant, this is to be raised with the G2Z Coordinator for consideration and resolution.

If you have any queries about the information above, please feel free to contact us.