This years event was the most ambitious yet with Workshops taking place over 3 days plus 3 full days of Summit. Happily it surpassed expectations and the vibe throughout the week was truly inspirational. So much positive communication between a wide array of groups and organisations all working in different areas of the sector. The speakers once again well and truly stepped up to the plate to deliver presentations full of information, practical advice and positive energy. We were very lucky to have 8 international speakers this year plus our local speakers which gave a well rounded perspective on what are the latest and most effective companion animal management and welfare strategies and programs.

Our delegates came from State and Local Government, the not for profit   welfare, shelter and rescue sector, and veterinary and pet industries.

Didga the cat made a special appearance  Closing address of G2Z2015 given by Joy Verrinder, Strategic Developemnt Officer, AWLQ  Question time - G2Z2015  KONG Handshake Board

We are pleased to be able to supply speaker papers, associated resources and footage from each presentation via the links below.

International Speakers

Maaike Bouwman - Applied Science student, VHL University, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Maaike Bouwman

Animal sheltering in the Netherlands - Presentation

Jon Cicirelli - Director of Animal Care & Services, City of San Jose, CA, USA

Jon Cicirelli  Jon Cicirelli - Getting animals back home  Jon Cicirelli - Contracting for success

Rethinking our approach to cats - Presentation

Resource 1

Contracting for success - Presentation

Getting animals back home - Presentation

Dr Arnja Dale - Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare, Unitec University of Technology, Auckland, NZ

Arnja Dale

The comparative welfare status of owned, managed stray and unmanaged stray cats - Presentation

Dr Cynthia Karsten - LazinAlive Outreach Veterinarian, UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, CA, USA

Dr Cynthia Karsten  Dr Cynthia Karsten - Managed Intake  Dr Cynthia Karsten - Capacity for Care

Understanding capacity for care and optimising length of stay - Presentation

Million Cat Challenge -Presentation

Managed Intake - Presentation

Betsy McFarland - Vice President, Companion Animals, Humane Society of the United States

Betsy McFarland - Pets for Life  Betsy McFarland - Effectively engaging volunteers 

Pets 4 Life: Reaching underserved communities - Presentation

Pets 4 Life Toolkit

Resource 2

Keeping pets in their homes - Presentation

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

Resource 4

Resource 5

Effectively engaging volunteers - Presentation

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

Resource 4

Resource 5

Jan McHugh-Smith - President and CEO, Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region, CO, USA

Jan McHugh-Smith  Jan McHugh-Smith - Shelter Animals Count  Jan McHugh-Smith - Open Adoptions

Increasing adoptions and communty support - Presentation

Return to field program for community cats - Presentation

United States national database for animal welfare - Presentation

Trish McMillan Loehr - Director, Loehr Animal Behavior

Trish McMillan Loehr  Trish McMillan Loehr - Resource guarding  Trish McMillan Loehr - Litter box problems

Resource 1

Sheltering the hard to shelter dog - Presentation

Litter box problems: Shelter help and owner support - Presentation

The hand that feeds you: Working with resource guarding in shelter dogs - Presentation

Todd Stosuy - Field Services Manager, County of Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Todd Stosuy - Proactive community animal control  Todd Stosuy - Planned Pethood 

Proactive community animal control - Presentation

Resource 1

Beyond animal control: Daily community education - Presentation

Planned Pethood: Low cost spay and neuter that makes you money - Presentation

Resource 1


Dr Gabrielle Carter - Low stress handling: Improving outcomes for animals and handlers - Presentation

Dr Gabrielle Carter - Low Stress Handling

Trudie Chant - Mildura collaborative project - Presentation

Trrudie Chant - Mildura collaborative project

Eileen Fletcher - The AMRRIC Staying Safe Around Dogs story - Presentation

Eileen Fletcher - Staying safe around dogs

Melanie Isaacs - G2Z through pound intervention and pet owner support - Presentation

Melanie Isaacs - G2Z through pound intervention and support

Mariko Lauber - Community programs - Promoting responsible pet ownership

Dr Mariko Lauber - Community programs

Luis Marquez - Animate - Presentation

Luis Marquez - Animate

Dr Jacquie Rand - Saving cats - An Australian perspective - Presentation

Dr Jacquie Rand - Saving cats

Jane Symonds - The essentials of winning grants

Jane Symonds - Stratic grants

Dr Mark Westman - Pets in the Park - Presentation

                            Determining the true FIV infection status in FIV-vaccinated cats using rapid point of care kits - Presentation

Dr Mark Westman - FIV  Dr Mark Westman - PITP

Shel Williamson - Safe and Sound Pounds program - Presentation

Shel Williamson - Safe and Sound pounds

Dr Sarah Zito - Determinants of cat choice and outcomes for adult cats - Presentation

                      Rethinking unwanted cat management from a human-cat relationship perspective - Presentation

Dr Sarah Zito - Rethinking unwanted cat management  Dr Sarah Zito - Determinants of cat choice

We are ever grateful to our generous sponsors and exhibitors who enable an event like this to take place.

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