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June 2011

A New Code of Practice for Shelters and Pounds supports health management plans, fostering, support for unweaned animals, exercise, enrichment and socialisation guidelines, and no time limit on the keeping of animals

Current legislation relevant to G2Z

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Compulsory Desexing prior to sale or transfer - from pounds and shelters only; some local governments have introduced compulsory desexing from 3 or 6 months of age.

Compulsory Microchipping prior to sale or transfer

Legislation which supports responsible rehoming - Code of Practice for Pounds and Shelters supports fostering, care of unweaned kittens, no time limits on animals being rehomed

Breeder Permit System with Compulsory Breeder Code of Practice Victoria has mandatory standards for breeding and licencing with local councils -only applies to commercial breeders (more than 10 animals). These standards and permits do not apply to breeders registered with Breed Associations, backyard breeders who sell an occasional litter; or not for profit breeders. There is no accompanying Permit system for inspections and tracking by consumers.

Pet Shop Permit System with compulsory Pet Shop Code of Practice Victoria has mandatory standards for sale of animals from pet shops (who must keep records of name and address of the supplier or breeder) and commercial breeders (more than 10 animals)

State-wide pound and shelter data reporting to State Govt

Desexing of cat colonies

Working towards National Consistency