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Cat Bill introduced into Parliament June 2011. 

Current legislation relevant to G2Z

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Compulsory Desexing prior to sale or transfer  Proposed.  Also compulsory desexing of owned cats from 6 months of age unless owned by a permitted breeder

Compulsory Microchipping prior to sale or transfer Proposed. Also compulsory microchipping of owned cats from 6 months of age

Legislation which supports responsible rehoming  Proposed Local Government required to keep identified cat for 7 days; unidentified for 3 days prior to transfer for rehoming

Breeder Permit System with Compulsory Breeder Code of Practice  Proposed Government Permits required for breeders

Pet Shop Permit System with compulsory Pet Shop Code of Practice 

State-wide pound and shelter data reporting 

Desexing of cat colonies 

Working towards National Consistency