Pet Shop Owner or Staff

How Pet Shop Managers and Staff can help achieve G2Z in their community 

Rehome abandoned cats and dogs on behalf of pounds and shelters. You will be supported by the community and profit from the sale of pet care products for each animal you rehome.

Support Responsible Pet Shop Legislation which benefits responsible pet shops who care about animals. Responsible Pet Shop Legislation identifies pet shops with a permit number based on an inspection matched to a Pet Shop Code of Practice which sets acceptable Standards and Guidelines. It requires sourcing of animals from responsible breeders who have been issued with a government breeder permit based on acceptable breeding Standards.  

Desex kittens prior to sale or transfer if they are sourced from a breeder who has not desexed them already.

Consumers will be able to identify responsible pet shops through their permit number being required in any advertisement and will be encouraged to purchase from these responsible pet shops and report pet shops who do not have a government permit number. 

Work cooperatively in a local or state stakeholder coalition to develop legislation and develop support from breeders in your breed organisation.

Read and agree to the G2Z Participant Code of Ethics.