Helping pets in pounds and shelter through COVID-19

  1. Provide emergency foster care for animals for your local pound or shelter.  

    Foster carers are needed now, more than ever, to get animals out of the pounds and shelters and into temporary foster homes until they can find a permanent new home. Procedures can also be put in place so that animals can be rehomed directly from their foster homes without having to be brought back to the shelter.  Contact your local pound or shelter to offer this support. Many will have on-line registration forms.

  2. Adopt from a local shelter or pound 

    While you are at home in self-isolation you have a great opportunity to bond with your new family member.  With public contact limited, many shelters will be adopting animals using different strategies such as adoptions on-line and through foster carers.    The more adoptions, the more foster places will be available to help animals who come in due to emergencies e.g. hospitalisation due to COVID-19, or owners who can no longer keep their animals due to loss of jobs or accommodation through COVID-19.

  3. Ask your local pound or shelter what else they need most at this time 

    Provide support if you can e.g. it may be anything from food to IT expertise.  Financial donations will save lives now, more than ever.