Lost pet resources for pet owners and people who find a pet


Many people do not know how to search for a lost pet, or what to do if they find a stray animal.

Lost cats and dogs behave differently depending on whether they are shy or confident, whether kept indoors or are used to being outside and many other factors.

Approximately 25% of impounded microchipped cats have out-of-date contact details so owners cannot be contacted.

While approximately 60 -70% of dogs are reclaimed by their owners, only 2 – 10% of impounded cats across Australia are reclaimed. 

View the National Animal Care & Control Association timeline infographic here.

These resources have been developed to help owners and finders of lost pets be better pet detectives. They provide the essential steps to help you find your lost pet, and to help you find the owners or carers of lost pets.

These resources are available for use by pet owners and finders to:

  • print off as a resource to assist people when they are looking for their lost cat or dog or to be prepared in case it happens

  • educate people who have lost or found a cat

1. Lost Your Cat? brochure

2. Lost Your Dog? brochure

3. Found a Cat? brochure

4. Found a Dog? brochure 

5. Customisable social media post generator

If you have lost or found a pet, use our editable lost/found social media post template to get the details out to your community instantly. 

6. Customisable Lost/Found pet poster generator

If you have lost or found a pet in your area, use our editable lost and found poster generator for the general public to enter information and print off multiple copies to distribute where the cat/dog was lost or found and quickly get the word out around your neighbourhood.

Most importantly,  don’t give up – cats are often found weeks or months after they go missing.